What is VIPLeague? 15 Best Alternates To Watch Free Sports

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What is VIPLeague
What is VIPLeague

VIPLeague is a fantastic website offering free access to various sports, including live games, replays, and highlights. The user-friendly platform makes it easy for sports enthusiasts to enjoy from the comfort of their homes. But sometimes, you might not be able to use it, and people say VIPLeague might shut down

But there’s no need to panic!

It is fine! The other websites, like VIPleague, do similar things. This article will discuss the 15 best VIPLeague alternatives to watch free live sports

What is VIPLeague, and Does it Work?


VIPLeague is defined as a site for watching free sports streams live on your PC, tablet, or phone at VIPLeague. This platform offers football or soccer, NFL, American football, NBA basketball, and many other sports online. Plus, it is your go-to place for free, unlimited sports entertainment.

VIPLeague faced many problems and shut down. The main issues were breaking the rules for using other people’s content and getting in trouble with sports leagues and broadcasters who owned the content, and it eventually had to close down. If you still want to use VIPLeague, try it with a VPN.

VIPLeague Mirror Sites 

If the link for VIPleague is not working, you can try using these other websites:

  • VIPLeague.lc: This is a popular backup site when the leading VIPLeague site is down.
  • VIPLeague.to: Another well-known site that streams major sports like NBA, football, tennis, and American football.
  • VIPLeague.sx: It is not as popular, but a good option if the other sites are not working.
  • VIPLeague.is: This site is a reliable alternative to the main VIPLeague sites, and it usually works even when the main ones do not.
  • VIPLeague.live: This is a newer mirror site. It might not be as reliable as the others, but you can try it if the leading site or other mirror sites are down.

What are The Best Alternatives for VIPLeague?

Here are the top 15 best alternatives to VIPLeague for watching free live sports. If VIPLeague is shut down or not working, you can explore these sites to continue enjoying your favorite sports content.

1.FirstRow Sports

FirstRow Sports

FirstRowSports is a site like VIPLeague where you can watch many sports, like tennis and football, for free. The best part is that you do not have to pay anything to watch it; it is free. It is easy to get to and lets you enjoy watching sports live without spending money.

But it is tricky because the people who own them might not allow the videos. So, be careful; it might not be legal. Sometimes, the website does not work because they are fixing things or some countries can not use it. Also, there might be problems with ads and keeping your computer safe. 

Website Link

2. Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go
Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go is another good choice for sports lovers. It shares a lot of information and analysis related to games from experts. The website is easy to use and compatible with different devices. 

You can watch live and on-demand sports like NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, and college sports. If you like college sports, they show games from big conferences like Pac-12, Big Ten, Big 12, and SEC. Fox Sports Go also has studio shows, highlights, and updates about what is happening now. It is an excellent place for anyone who loves sports.

Website Link

3. CricHD


CricHD is a popular website for watching live cricket matches. It covers both international and local tournaments. You can find good-quality videos, including highlights and replays. The website also gives you live scores, detailed commentary for each ball, and the latest cricket news, making it great for cricket fans worldwide.

 Like VIPLeague, CricHD also shows live sports like football, tennis, rugby, and Formula One. 

But what makes CricHD unique is its focus on cricket. Compared to VIPLeague, which covers more sports, CricHD is the better choice for people who love cricket.

Website Link

4. OnLive TV

OnLive TV

OnLive TV is part of Hulu, not a separate app. It is a section you can find inside the Hulu service you might already use. Live TV on Hulu is available on devices like Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS, Android, and Xbox One. Hulu made its app better for these devices.

Hulu did an excellent job of keeping things the same on different devices. So, if you know how to use Hulu on your phone, it is pretty much the same on your Xbox. They made sure everything looked similar, like the buttons you press, how it looks, and where things are on the screen. This makes it easy for people to use, no matter their device.

Website Link

5. Feed2All


If you love watching sports, Feed2All is a great website where you can see live soccer and other sports. When you go to Feed2All’s homepage, you can see a list of all the games and tournaments happening right now. 

Clicking on a link will show you all the choices for watching live sports like soccer, boxing, basketball, and more. You can watch live TV for your favorite leagues and competitions on Feed2All. 

Website Link



ESPN is a well-known sports website where you can watch live sports, making it a good alternative to VIPLeague. Many sports fans like it because of its in-depth information on sports. 

ESPN is the place to go if you want to know about the latest things happening in the exciting world of sports. They share detailed articles, videos, and live broadcasts about sports like basketball, tennis, and golf. It is available in many countries, but it is a good idea to check if it works in your country. Overall, ESPN helps people worldwide stay connected to the exciting world of sports.

Website Link

7. SportsStream

SportsStream has an excellent website with a green design where you can watch different sports. They have categories like Football, Ice Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, and more. There are two parts for streaming, each showing different sports. It is good to check both so you do not miss any matches.

If you want some extra fun, they have links for sports betting. Also, you can see live scores on the website if you just want a quick look at the game. They do not have many ads on the site and put them on the sides, away from the important buttons. This way, you would not click on them by mistake while enjoying watching sports.

Website Link

8. LiveTV


LiveTV is the best site, with calming red and blue colors that would not strain your eyes. It is organized well and has various things to keep you entertained. You can find upcoming broadcasts and important live events on the left and top. 

LiveTV highlights the day’s match, so you know what is buzzing. Like CricHD, you can use the site in different languages to suit your preferences. Additionally, there are no annoying ads or banners to pop up. The good thing about using the site is free account creation. So you can enjoy the extra stuff without any trouble.

Website Link



Even though ATDHE may not have the fanciest look, it is straightforward and almost as good as VIPLeague. You can watch soccer, tennis, basketball, football, volleyball, boxing, and handball without paying or signing up. On the homepage, there are two sets of links. The first set has fewer ads, with fewer extra pages while watching.

At the bottom, ATDHE tells you how many links there are and when they were last updated. It has additional features like betting or fan pages, but if you just want a simple website with good links, ATDHE is a nice alternative to VIPLeague. 

Website Link

10. Batmanstream


If soccer is what makes your heart race, Batmanstream is a paradise for people who love sports worldwide. It is an entertaining website where you can watch your favorite soccer team without any annoying ads. People even call Batmanstream Facebook for soccer fans.

The website is made well and gets a perfect score of 10/10 for its creativity and quality. Surprisingly, it loads really fast, too. It is an awesome place for soccer fans to connect, have fun, and share the joy of the game.

Website Link

11. Fubo TV

Fubo TV is an interesting place to watch special events like the Super Bowl, the Westminster Dog Show, and the NCAA basketball tournament. In the past, they used to show these events in live 4K. However, because of the coronavirus, they have not updated their upcoming 4K events page. 

Now, it is better. At the top of the screen, you can see options like Search, Home, Sports, Shows, Movies, Recordings, and a smaller button for your Account. Even though things have changed, Fubo TV still gives you many sports choices. The new look makes it easier to find what you want to watch.

Website Link

12. SportP2P


SportP2P is a good choice if you want to watch many different sports online on a single platform. It has many hours of good-quality content and language options to choose from. For each game or match, there are many links you can use. SportP2P also has extra streams for every game, so you would not miss anything. 

It shows different sports like boxing, hockey, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, golf, and rugby. But some ads on the website might bother you because it covers so many sports. Still, we consider it the best website, like VIPLeague in 2024. It is a good place for people who like sports to find many options to watch their favorite games and matches.

Website Link

13. Sky Sports

Sky Sports

Sky Sports is another site like VIPLeague, which you can watch on TV and has a website. Sky Sports is run by Sky, which is part of Comcast. The website has news, updates on sports events, and information about various sports like cricket, football, rugby union, golf, tennis, and more. 

You can find different things on the website, like live sports events, videos, and articles. They also have extra things like league tables, schedules, and information about players and teams. Sky Sports website is a nice place for people who love sports to learn about and enjoy their favorite games.

Website Link

14. Sports RAR TV 

Sports RAR TV has been a favorite for a long time because of its easiness, multiple links, and well-organized table. Plus, it has one of the most fantastic logos we have seen.

On the homepage, you can see sports like tennis, football, hockey, basketball, handball, volleyball, and more. At the top, you can change the time zone, which is a fantastic thing most other streaming sites do not have. Live games, finished ones on TV, and upcoming matches are nicely sorted on the homepage. Overall, Sports RAR TV makes it simple and friendly for people who love sports to find and enjoy their favorite games.

Website Link

15. Wizwig

Wizwig covers many top sports globally, including football, baseball, handball, basketball, volleyball, and soccer. The site consistently offers high-quality links for watching videos in HD. You can easily catch your favourite team in action with just a click. Check out the live sports button for today’s match schedule; a live TV option is available.

What sets Wizwig apart is its unique feature, Wizwig radio. It adds a different flavor to the mix, providing an attractive option for users. The website has a clean and uncluttered design, making it simple to stream and worthy. 

Website Link

Frequently Asked Questions 

Usually, Watching sports on sites like VIP League is unsafe because it can get you in trouble. After all, they do not have the permission to show those games. Big companies, like Sky and BT, try to stop these sites from breaking the rules. Therefore, you should try legal options, either buying a sports package from a legitimate provider in your country or using a VPN, which can protect your privacy and stay safe.

How to Run/Download VIPLeague Sports on Windows PC & Mac?

You can watch sports on VIPLeague through BlueStacks on your PC. Follow these simple steps:

  • Download and install BlueStacks on your computer.
  • Open BlueStacks and sign in to your Google account.
  • Search for “VIPLeague” in the BlueStacks search bar.
  • Click on the VIPLeague app in the search results.
  • Sign in with your Google account.
  • Click “Install” to download and install VIPLeague on BlueStacks.
  • Once installed, find the VIPLeague icon on the BlueStacks home screen.
  • Click the VIPLeague icon to open the app and start using it on your computer.

How to Block Ads on VIPLeague?

If you want to stop ads on VIPLeague, you can download an ad-blocker like Adblock or uBlock Origin to your browser. Still, if ads slip through, try clearing your website history and removing cookies. Find the option to clear history and choose “all-time” in your browser settings; then, access the cookies or privacy section and clear them to prevent web tracking.

In Google Chrome, you can clear cached images and files by going to Settings, then Privacy and Security, and selecting “Clear browsing data,” followed by “Cached images and files.” it may help you to reduce or eliminate ads on VIP League.

Does VIPLeague have an App? 

Yes, it does have an app. If you download the app, you save yourself from the struggles of browsing.

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