What Happened To Anilinkz? 50 Best Working Alternatives

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What Happened To Anilinkz
What Happened To Anilinkz

Do you know almost 72 percent of the US population watches anime daily? It doesn’t surprise me because watching unique content like One Piece and Solo Leveling can make you an anime lover. However, the buzzkill of being an anime fan is paying a considerable amount to premium websites. 

In that case, free websites like Anilinks–one of the famous platforms for watching anime- feel like a blessing. This website has millions of subscribers but has not worked since 2023, and no one knows what happened. It makes everyone search for alternatives to Anilinkz to enjoy their favorite content. 

Don’t worry because we bring you not only one but 50 of the best working alternatives to Anilinks. We’ll also explore the reason behind Anilinkz shutting down.

What Happened To Anilinkz–Is It Working?

Anilinkz–the viral anime-watching website, was launched in 2007, and since then, people have gone crazy about it because of its content quality and UI. But good things don’t last forever, right? The same happened with Anilinkz.

The DCMA banned it because of the copyright infringement issue in 2023. There are many rumors about it on Reddit. Some users claim that the moderator has rebranded the website with a new name, and we can never guess which one it is. Other users believe that the owner sold it for profit because it was an expensive website due to ad revenues. Regardless of the reason behind Anilinkz’s disappearance, fans continue to search for alternative websites.

Was Anilinkz Legal And Safe

Free websites are usually unsafe because of unofficial advertisement links that can result in data theft. So, users should consider the legitimacy and safety of Anilinkz.

The shutting down of Anilinkz made it clear that it wasn’t legal. As far as safety is concerned, no user ever complains about anything related to security breaches. But technology has advanced a lot, and if someone steals your data, you won’t even notice.

The List of 50 Best Working Alternatives To Anilinkz

If you need help finding alternatives to Anilinkz, here are 50 similar websites where you can watch anime. Some of them are premium, but the majority of them are entirely free.

  1. AnimePill: You can enjoy a vast library of anime series and movies on AnimePill.
  1. AnimeTV: It offers over 1000 unique anime in any genre you want.
  2. AnimeVibe: Known for providing ad-free streaming of anime, AnimeVibe features Japanese titles.
  3. AnimeFLV:  A dedicated platform for Spanish-language anime content.
  4. Kissanime:  It is a popular choice among anime fans because of its HD-quality content.
  5. Aniwave: The most loved website for its UI and UX, plus the fantastic content.
  6. GogoAnime: It is one of the oldest platforms on which to access free anime.
  7. 9anime: It always uploads content on time and keeps updating it.
  8. AnimeHeaven: As the name suggests, it is actually a heaven for anime lovers.
  9. Masterani: A well-organized platform offering various anime series.
  10. Chia-Anime: It is known for its regularly updated content and simple interface
  11. Anime Freak: Another best alternative to Anilinkz, which has everything a fan needs.
  12. AnimeDao: This website can give you high-quality streaming and a clean layout.
  13. AnimeLab: An official streaming service that provides anime content for viewers in Australia and New Zealand.
  14. HorribleSubs: It uploads English-subbed anime along with dubbing.
  15. AnimeUltima: Popular for anime-request feature.
  16. GoGoAnimeTV: It is a mirror website of gogoanime. Both are ideal alternatives to Anilinkz.
  17. AnimeKisa: You can start using this website without logging in.
  18. AnimeTake: This platform also gives you an option to download the content.
  19. AnimePahe: This is an easy-to-browse website with an advanced search bar.
  20. 4anime: It is similar to 9anime but has more content in the library.
  21. AnimeBee: You can find both subbed and dubbed anime for your entertainment.
  22. AnimePlanet: 
  23. AnimeStreams: A platform famous for traditional animes like One-Piece.
  24. AnimeRhino: It hosts a vast collection of anime series and movies in several genres.
  25. AnimeOut:  It Offers direct downloads of encoded anime series and movies.
  26. AnimeJolt:  A site where you can watch and download HD anime episodes
  27. AnimeRush:  This has a separate section for discussing anime after watching it.
  28. AnimeCrazy: Uploads every anime with subtitles and has an easy-to-use interface.
  29. AnimeStreams.cc: Another best alternative to Ainlinks with more than ten thousand anime in its library.
  30. AnimeXD: This website is famous only for providing comedy anime.
  31. AnimeHeros: It is a fan-made site that uploads only famous anime.
  32. Amazon Prime: This is a safe website with limited anime, and a subscription is required.
  33. Crunchyroll: A leading legal platform with a vast anime library. Available in both free and premium versions.
  34. Funimation: Known for English-dubbed anime. But it is not free like Anilinkz.
  35. Netflix: Features a growing collection of anime series and movies in Japanese and dubbed.
  36. Zoro. To: This website never shows adult ads, which is its best feature.
  37. NarutoGet: It only provides Naruto episodes, not any other anime.
  38. Solar Movies: This platform is for movies and seasons, but you can also find a few anime.
  39. Baby Anime: The specialty of this website is only to upload content that is under 18.
  40. Hulu: It is another premium site with subscription fees. 
  41. VIZ Media: Offers classic and current anime and manga content
  42. HIDIVE: Streams anime with dubbed options and seasonal simulcasts
  43. Tubi TV: Provides a vast library of free anime and live TV
  44. VRV: Focuses on classic anime from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s
  45. RetroCrush: Showcases classic anime series and movies
  46. KuroAni: It offers anime and some of the BTS. That’s why it’s getting popular.
  47. Midnight Pulp: Offers cult classics and horror anime.
  48. Asian Crush: Features Asian cinema and anime.
  49. YesMovies: A general streaming site with some anime content.

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Final Thoughts:

The anime fever is not limited to Japan or the US; it’s all over the world, and for that reason, websites like Anilinkz are essential. However, relying on one website is a mistake because the government can shut it down. Therefore, save the list of 50 best alternatives to Anilinkz to get unlimited entertainment all the time.

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