How Old is Brooklyn Frost? Everything Has Explained

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How Old is Brooklyn Frost 
How Old is Brooklyn Frost 

Brooklyn Frost in a very small age became a well-known social media personality, particularly recognized for her engaging content on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. She is just a teenager and gained a significant following through her vidoes and posts. She is part of a family with strong ties to the entertainment industry, including her older brothers, Deshae and Amare. 

The little girl’s journey started with a viral video that her brothers shooted with her. So, after this she pursue as a content creator and made her name popular. 

If you want to learn more about her age, life and career, our blog will assit you in that case. 

Who is Brooklyn Frost?

Brooklyn Frost is a popular social media personality known for entertaining content on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. She was born on August 17, 2004, making her a Leo by birth sign. Brooklyn hails from Seattle, Washington, and she is of African-American nationality.

Her Age 

Brooklyn Frost is a young social media star born on August 17, 2004, in Seattle, Washington. She’s currently 19 years, seven months, and 16 days old, and her next birthday is upcoming. Her fans are excitedly waiting for her birthday arrival to see how she celebrates. 

Brooklyn Frost’s Zodiac Sign

Brooklyn Frost’s zodiac sign is Leo

This indicates that she was born when the sun rose above the Leo constellation. Leo sign natives are frequently characterized as self-assured, emotional, and captivating. They are commonly born leaders who take pleasure in the limelight. 

People with Leo often have a strong sense of self-expression and are creative to express themselves. In Brooklyn’s case, being a Leo might explain her outgoing and lively personality and her ability to capture the attention of her audience. 

Personal Life 

Brooklyn Frost’s personal life offers insight into her upbringing, family dynamics, educational background, and romantic relationships.

Brooklyn grew up in a family with who were linked with the entertainment industry. Her older brothers, Deshae and Amare Frost, also became social media personalities. Their mother, Monique Camillo, occasionally appears in their YouTube videos. From a young age, Brooklyn exposed herself through her brothers’ channels where her few videos got viral and she decided to pursue a career in content creation.


She has not exposed the details about her formal education, as she has primarily focused on building her career in social media. 

Dating Life

Does she dating with someone? It is a topic of interest among her fans and followers. She was previously in a relationship with Da’lane Jones, who was frequently featured in her YouTube videos. 

However, the couple seperated, and Brooklyn later began dating rapper Jay Cinco. Their relationship has been documented on social media but what’s their next plan is not updated yet. 

Her Social Media Presence

She began her social media journey by appearing on her brother Deshae Frost’s YouTube channel, gradually building her presence on the platform. One of her early viral moments was a prank video where she pretended to be dead in the bathtub, quickly gaining hundreds of thousands of views. Now, she has a significant presence on various social media platforms, particularly YouTube and Instagram. 

She represents various content on YouTube, including fashion, beauty, pranks, lifestyle videos, and travel vlogs. She has established herself as a prominent figure in the YouTube community, with over 956,000 subscribers and millions of views for her videos. 

Brooklyn boasts a large following of over 1.1M on her Brooklynnicole account. She uses this platform to share glimpses of her daily life, fashion and beauty tips, and sponsored content.

Primary Sources of Income and Net Worth

As a social media personality, Brooklyn Frost primarily earns income through various sources. She may earn money through advertisements displayed on her videos as a content creator on YouTube. Additionally, she may receive sponsorships from brands to feature their products in her videos.

She may get an income through sponsoring posts on her Instagram account to promote products and brands to her followers. She might also work with businesses as a brand ambassador, promoting their goods and services on her social media accounts.

As of 2024, Brooklyn Frost’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. However, it is just an estimation because she has yet to officially expose her income. 

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In conclusion, Brooklyn Frost, a teenage social media sensation, rose to fame at a young age by content creation on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. She got viral from videos on her brothers’ channels, she quickly built her own following, showcasing a mix of fashion, beauty, pranks, and lifestyle content. 

Through partnerships, sponsorships, and advertisements, she began earning a substantial income, estimated around $1 million as of 2024. Brooklyn’s journey highlights how a young individual with talent, determination, and an understanding that give motivation to other young girls. 

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